Henry Spencer is the Principal Photographer for Memories of Bliss. 

For nearly 20 years, Henry has been capturing magical moments for clients one click at a time. It is the art of storytelling through photos that has made Henry so successful from his very first encounter with a camera; it is his passion for learning what it takes to master the skill by teaching himself the craft. Henry specializes in a photojournalistic approach to photography and prides himself on fostering relationships with each client so that they trust the process and include Memories of Bliss during each milestone of life. When Henry doesn’t have a camera in his hands, you can find him playing tennis and spending quiet time alone. 


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Family Guy


Taraji P. Henson

Robert Glasper



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Family Guy


Taraji P. Henson

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Robert Glasper

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a few more things you should know: 

When he isn't booking weddings, he's jet setting around the world. One of his favorite places? Cancun. Need we say more? 

Stamp That Passport

It's all about the experience that keeps him trying new restaurants wherever he goes. No chains, just local, chef-owned eateries. 

Table for Two

no 2

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- Dr. and Mrs. Jamal Smith

“He brings out true artistry in his photography and the contrast in his photos take the viewer beyond imagination…My wife and I are forever indebted to Henry for his work.”

“Little did we know that our choice in photographers would be the key to our joy in sharing our lasting memories of what turned out to be the best day of our lives together.”

- Dr. and Mrs. Jamal Smith

“Henry brought myself and my husband to tears as we watched the story of our wedding come to life. There were pictures of us that we never knew he had taken.”

- D.H.

“His approach to wedding photography and his personal investment in what they do is why we chose them to shoot our wedding and is why we will continue to use him in the future.”

- Nicole C.